As a mark of respect for Australian Test Cricketer Phil Hughes, St. Paul Apostle North (and Endeavour Hills Cricket Club) Cricketer Pasindu Wijenayake started the #putoutyourbat campaign at the school by placing a cricket bat out the front of the school.

At his initiation the St. Paul Apostle North and James Cook cricket team observed a minutes silence before they played today (5/12/14).

The team took on his lead and put out their own bats as a mark of respect for Phil Hughes and some balls as a mark of support for the bowler Sean Abbott, who delivered the accidental fatal blow.

Ironically the boys won the game scoring 63 runs, the same amount Hughes scored in his final innings.

Literature Focus: Fox

In our reading this week, we are explore the text Fox by Margaret Wild.

We have read the book and explored the themes of the text than include…
– Loyalty
– Mental Health
– Friendship

As part of our CAFE reading work students have met and discussed the book and reflected on how it connects to events in their life. They will be considering…

– What event in my life is similar to an event in Fox?
– Why was this event similar to Fox?
– Was my response similar to any of the characters in Fox? If so who and why? If not how and why?
– How could I respond differently if I was placed in a similar situation?

Reflection on ERP for the term.

This term we have focused on Australian History in our learning. Last Thursday we had our learning expo to share our knowledge with our family and schoolmates.

As part of our learning we have been asked to consider the following reflection…


After completing the reflection we had to think about…

What was your interest this term?

How did you link your interest to a learning intention?

What did you leant about your learning intention?

What is something else you would like to find put more about?

Our Reflections on our Literature Circles texts

This week in class we will be producing some reflections on the texts we have read during Literature Cirlces.

We will be asked to explore the following questions….

By doing these who hope to show some knowledge about what we have learnt this term from the text.

Students over the course of the term when reading their Literature Circles texts have been asked to reflect on….
What text have you read this term?
What have you enjoyed about reading this texts?
Describe the important messages you learnt from the text.
Score your book and explain why you gave it that ranking.







Maths Ramps

In maths is week we have been exploring graphing and ways to present and interpret data.

To do this, we have developed and built some ramps and well be assessing how far a marble travels from different starting points on the ramp.

Some of our groups think that the ramps they have created are so good they might ‘loose their marbles’.

We have developed a hypothesis as to the results we will develop.

Student are reflecting on…
What is the hypothesis you are testing for?
What is the maths you have done to complete this task?
What graphs and evidence can you produce to support your hypothesis?



School Concert a Great Success

Last Friday was the school performance of ‘Colour My  World’.

A highlight of the show was the Pink Panther performance by the students of 5/6N (of course!!).

The show was a great success with all students having the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a packed audience.

When thinking about the show…
What was the highlight of the performance?
What was the most entertaining part of the show?
Who is looking forward to the next one?

Literacy and Numeracy Week Activities

This week in our Maths classes we will be developing some of our Fathers Day stalls as part of our Literacy and Numeracy Week work.


We will be developing some stalls to sell products to families and the rest of the school.


As a class we will have a budget of $50 to produce some items to sell to others.


What are some of the ideas you have for things the class can sell?
Reflect and name the different mathematics skills that are involved in making this product?
Name some of the products you will need to create this product and how many items you think you could make.
Predict how much profit you think you can make and explain how you came to this conclusion. 

School Production is this week

Friday the 29th of August at 7pm marks the time that the culmination of months of work.


The school production ‘Colour My World’ will be on at the Drum Theatre.



Students will have the opportunity to present a variety of acts from  the class Pink Panther performance to some Indian Dancing, Zumba and the Choir.

It’s something we are all looking forward to.

How do you feel about the classes performance?

What has been the most exciting thing about participating in the preparation for the show?

How excited are you about Friday?

Retelling Migration Stories

Over the course of this term, each student is going to have the opportunity to retell the story of their family migrating to Australia.

As a means of developing these skills, students will work together as a class to retell the story of Ahn Do (author of ‘The Happiest Refugee’) coming to Australia.

After watching the following videos…..


Students will be expected to piece together events from Ahn Do’s life to recount the experiences that he had.


They will consider the following ideas…

Who were the people involved?

Where did they come from?

Why did they leave?

Describe how they got to Australia?

Name and explain the conditions of the place where they arrived?

Explain the conditions of the place where they settled.

How did they  etc…

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